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Who We Are

Action for the needy (ACFON) is a dream organization and was conceived™ after the chairpersona��s vision on orphans and people living with AIDS that he got in 2007.

A�In his words, he remarked; a�?I happened to be a neighbor of a one family and in the family, there were biological and orphaned children .I saw how one of the young orphaned boys was being terribly mistreated and was always the last person to eat, was subjected to hard labor compared to his age and could never escape being bitten by the family heads. Life to him was eventually useless. I then realized how many such children were suffering just within our community and developed the love of helping children whose parents have died and have no proper care. Because of the heart felt for these children I happened to sponsor one orphan up to senior two. It perplexed me because0; I did not fully fund her studies due to limited financial abilities. Within my heart the voice used to speak to me saying do my mission to my children it was hard for me to understand not until it came to me for several timesa�?.

However, it is really painful to help children leaving their sick fathers and mothers essay tigers discount bedridden due to HIV/AIDS. In 2008, the management went ahead and registered the organization under the NGO guidelines and principles. We started with programs like spiritual counseling, voluntary counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS, and providing psycho-social support to them while extending a little tangible support to a few orphans to address their basic emotional, physical and economic needs on more of personal than institutional level.